Wine As Old As Time

After a long search for an estate that lives up to our exacting standards, we discovered a thousand-year-old family-owned, artisan winery with a Cru Classé status, nestled in the very heart of Provence. The domain’s history is rich and strong, dating back to Roman times, and has belonged to the same family since 1740. Their savor faire has been passed down from countess to countess for generations to come. This unique heritage, combined with meticulous attention to detail and a sustainable viticulture philosophy, makes the vineyard the perfect pairing for Chelsea Water.

We Harvest When The Grapes Tell Us To

Usually, when most people are fast asleep. You’ll find us harvesting at 3am because it’s best to pick grapes overnight when they’re at their coolest. This guarantees a stable sugar level for the fermentation process and helps concentrate the aromas and flavours so that they’re at their very best, producing the perfect balance of crispness and acidity that makes Chelsea Water so enjoyable.

Over 270 years of expertise.