Chelsea Water Rosé


If you could bottle joie de vivre…

We already have. Close your eyes and imagine sun-drenched, ripely-picked pears, peaches, and succulent strawberries. Inhale the intoxicating, elegant aroma of jasmine on a warm Provençal evening. Now, blend with the refreshing acidity of citrus and a subtle hint of spice for a complex yet clean, crisp, lingering taste. Savour summer with every sublime sip. Best served chilled, with good company and fine food. Or (keep St. Tropez’s best-kept secret to yourself and) simply enjoy on its own.

Grapes: Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache

Colour: Vine peach

Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation between 16 and 17 °. Maceration from 4 to 6 hours Tasting notes: Well-balanced, dry and refreshing with a long finish. The nose is aromatic, with a hint of evocative flavours such as elegant jasmine, citrus fruits, and raspberries. Summer pears and peaches cleanse the palate.

Tasting: A well-balanced refreshing taste, beautifully perfumed with elegant flavours of white flowers and fruits such as pears and peaches. The color is limpid, vine peach. The nose is aromatic, with hints of citrus fruits on the first nose and raspberries on the second. All of the aromas discovered are amplified in the mouth.

Recommended With: Aperitifs, summer starters, brunch, and light dinners.

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