Every Wine Has A Story To Tell

It all started with our founder’s pioneering ambition: to create a world-renowned wine with depth, complexity, and elegance. London based Duncan Nyanzi first discovered the art of winemaking during his travels in Provence. His time there inspired a labour of love to give discerning wine lovers a rosé like no other that can be enjoyed whatever the occasion, wherever you are in the world. This is the je nais se quoi that makes Chelsea Water truly exceptional.

“I started learning everything about winemaking, vineyards, viticulture, and oenology. And the more I learned, the more my passion and vision was shaped into what it is today: to create an easy-drinking wine that’s so clean and pure, nothing else compares. And so, Chelsea Water was born. It’s rosé, but not as you know it.”
– Duncan Nyanzi, Founder of Chelsea Water

The Epitome of Provence